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Interlake Formworks Inc. of Gimli, MB Helps Make Your House a Home

Increase the stability and value of your home or cottage with a new foundation from Interlake Formworks Inc.


We can provide you with:

  • Foundations
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Patios


Each of the above surfaces can be done in stamped or colored concrete, expanding your range of customized options so that your home will make a personal statement.


Our process will ensure that your surface is smooth and level, resulting in:

  • Your kids having a safer surface to play on with fewer trip and cut hazards
  • Your furniture sitting level on your floor and not tilting or leaning to one side
  • Better protection against ground insects, rain water and debris coming inside during storms
  • Increased energy savings by insulating and minimizing floor sources of hot or cold drafts
  • Increased property value because your patios and sidewalks are intact
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